[Owrinfo] Stormwater Compliance for Construction Activity

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April 2016


This notification is applicable to all construction operators and site owners.   This notice is being sent to inform you that the DEM is conducting random site inspections of construction sites throughout the State to ensure permitting compliance.

Understanding Your Permit Requirements and Responsibilities

Proper management of your construction site is critical to protecting our rivers, lakes, and coastal waters.   In order to prevent any harmful impacts associated with construction activity it is your responsibility to comply with your permit and, if applicable, the RIPDES Construction General Permit (CGP).
The keys to success are as follows:

  1.  Updated SESC Plan Onsite: The operator is responsible to keep the Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (SESC Plan) including site plans and amendments to the SESC Plan at a central location on-site; or if that is not possible, post the location of the plans near the main entrance of the site (RIPDES CGP Part I.C.2).

  1.  Sediment Control:  Even if the operator is correctly following the approved SESC plan, but sediment control is not effective, it will be considered a violation (Water Quality Regulations).

  1.  Install, Inspect and Maintain: Ensure that all required erosion, runoff, sediment, and pollution prevention control measures are installed, inspected, and maintained (RIPDES CGP Part III.J.3).

  1.  Keep Records: Of inspections, maintenance, and corrective actions; and copies of all permits;

Voluntary Self-Certification

To assist you with site compliance, you may follow the "Construction Site Stormwater Compliance Workbook" found at http://www.dem.ri.gov/programs/benviron/assist/ms4/index.htm

Although participation in this compliance assistance initiative is voluntary, RIDEM strongly encourages your active participation.  You may submit your completed checklists attention to the RIDEM Office of Customer and Technical Assistance or you may mail a scanned copy to PAC at dem.ri.gov<mailto:PAC at dem.ri.gov> .  Please note that active sites that choose not to participate may be selected for a targeted regulatory inspection by the Department.

Completed Projects

If your permit includes a RIPDES number and your project is complete a Notice of Termination (NOT) form must be submitted attention to the RIDEM Office of Water Resources.  The CGP requires the site owner to certify that all disturbed soils at the construction site are stabilized, temporary erosion and sediment control measures have been removed and all stormwater discharges associated with construction activity have been eliminated (RIPDES CGP Part I.E).  Once these requirements have been met and all annual fees have been paid, a request to terminate must be submitted.  This termination will end billing and inspections.  The (NOT) can be found on the last page of the PDF located at  http://www.dem.ri.gov/pubs/regs/regs/water/ripdesca.pdf

235 Promenade Street
Providence RI, 02908

Alisa Diaz Richardson, MS PE - Supervising Sanitary Engineer
Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management
Office of Water Resources - Stormwater Engineering and 401 Permitting
235 Promenade Street, Providence, RI  02908
Phone: (401) 222-4700 x7232; Fax: (401) 222-3927
Email: alisa.richardson at dem.ri.gov<mailto:alisa.richardson at dem.ri.gov>

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